Origin Storm Rower
Origin Storm Rower
Origin Storm Rower
Origin Storm Rower
Origin Storm Rower
Origin Storm Rower
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Origin Storm Rower

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The Origin Storm® Indoor Rowing Machine has been designed with busy commercial gym environments in mind. We understand the need for a robust, high performing rowing machine for the gym floor and for in functional, studio and HIIT training spaces. Our aim was to create the best value indoor rowing machine for the commercial market that can deliver the benchmark performance of the industry-standard machine.

Key Features

  • Durable nickel-plated chain drive mechanism
  • Adjustable airflow damper to suit your stroke preference
  • Comprehensive console programs & feedback for data-driven training
  • Adjustable footrests help find the optimal fit for each user
  • Mobile phone mount for entertainment during those long sessions
  • Transportation wheels for easy positioning in the gym
  • Up-high or down-low dual handlebar holders

Why choose the Storm™ rowing machine?

In today’s gym the rowing machine is something of a classic. Rowing machines tend not to have the ‘bells and whistles’ that treadmills or stairclimbers boast with every new release. One reason for this is that: they work really well as they are. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The only reason the rower isn’t as popular on the gym floor as the treadmill? It’s really damn hard work.

  • Muscle Engagement – A regularly cited benefit of rowing is the recruitment of a large number of muscle groups. Good rowing form carried out with proper technique will work the whole body (legs, core, upper back, chest and arms).
  • Low Impact – Like cycling, rowing is a great low-impact alternative to other higher-impact cardio activities that put a lot of pressure through hip, knee and ankle joints. This can be great for people dealing with injuries or rehabilitation.
  • Aerobic Conditioning – Training on the indoor rower allows you to work through a range of heart-rate zones carrying out steady endurance training, recovery sessions and everything in between.
  • High Intensity – One benefit of the rowing machine is the ability to quickly vary the pace, meaning it’s easy to use for high-intensity intervals and sprints. This might be part of a rowing session or in a CrossFit WOD.

The Indoor Rower for Commercial or Home

The upright storage capabilities of this rower make it an ideal piece of cardio equipment for HIIT zones, group training spaces and similar environments like CrossFit gyms. For cross-training, HIIT and interval sessions it’s difficult to look past the rowing machine as the weapon of choice. Only a Curved Treadmill, Air Bike and Ski Trainer feature in this same category of training torture!

While suitable for commercial high-use facilities, the Storm Rower is also a great rowing machine for home training and garage gyms. For some more ideas about creating a garage gym, check out our Packages.

Comprehensive Feedback for Data Driven Training

To help guide you through your indoor rowing session the Storm™️ Rower console comes packed with useful features to help track and monitor your performance.

In gyms around the world users are participating in fitness challenges and competitions, as well as following standardised programmes and taking part in WODs all based on distance or calorie output. That’s why we’ve made sure the console calibration for calories and distance is comparable to other popular rower brands, to allow comparison across athletes and rowing machines.

  • Workout Feedback: pulse, time, time/500m avg, watts, distance, distance/30min, calories/hr, watts avg, cycle (interval)
  • Programs: Quick start, distance, time, calories, game, intervals (20/10s, 10/20s, 10/10s)

Device Mount for Entertainment during Endurance Sessions

During those long, monotonous cardio sessions, sometimes it helps to have a little distraction. Gym users today always have a favourite Youtube playlist or Netflix series at hand on their mobile device to meet this need, which is why we’ve incorporated a device mount above the console. This securely holds the user’s mobile device without obstructing the console readouts.

Manufacturer Origin Fitness
Condition New
Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
Commercial Warranty Details
  • Frame: 2-year limited warranty
  • Electronic parts: 1-year limited warranty (excl batteries)
  • Mechanical parts: 2-year limited warranty
  • Wearing parts: 1-year limited warranty
Adjustable Yes
  • Strokes/min
  • Pulse
  • Time
  • Watts
  • Calorie/hr
  • Time/500M
  • Time Avg
  • Distance
  • Watts Avg
Controls Enter/Stop, Back, Lap, Select
Frame Steel Front and Rear Legs
Resistance Levels Levels 1-9
Resistance System Adjustable damper
Drive System Nickel plated chain-drive
Cooling Fan No
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
AV Entertainment Mobile Phone Mount
Connectivity Yes
Step Up Height Seat Height 100mm
Has wheels Yes
Dimensions 2420mm x 635mm x 1070mm
Weight 38kg
Shipping Weight 48kg
Maximum User Weight 135kg
Colour Black
Power Supply Console Requires 2 x C Cell Batteries
Monorail Length 1500mm