Origin Premium 10mm Fitness Roll (Grey Fleck)

Origin Premium 10mm Fitness Roll (Grey Fleck)

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The Origin 10mm Fitness Roll is suitable for gyms, aerobics areas, changing rooms, pools, building entrances, retail environments, corridors, stadia and most public areas.

The homogeneous construction of the flooring makes it resilient, durable and provides low step noise, while the material used makes it environmentally friendly.

We also offer bespoke flooring solutions including colour options, floor markings such as sprint tracks or TRX lines, and we can also incorporate your branding or logo into the design to really bring the most out of your facility.

Each roll weight approximately 140kg

Please note: The colour-to-black mix ratio on this product is 15%, meaning that 85% of the top surface is black. In related downloadable documents attached to this product - if different mix percentages are mentioned, remember that it is only the 15% mix that will be supplied.

  • Resilient flooring which is ideal for areas exposed to high loads and impacts. It reduces strain on joints and ligaments with excellent anti-slip characteristics
  • High density construction provides consistent long term heavy free-weight areas, dumbbell areas and where heavy equipment places excess loads on the floor.
  • Available  10mm thick 1.25m wide and 10m long
  • Floor markings, branding and customisation available.
  • Comes in four different colour options: grey, blue, green & red
  • Comes in 12.5msq rolls (Minimum Order)
Manufacturer Origin Fitness
Condition New
Flooring Type Roll
Dimensions 1.25m x 10m
Bevel No
Weight Approximately 140kg per roll
Construction Resilient, homogeneous construction (single layer)
Materials PUR bonded rubber crumb and EPDM granulate
Appearance Dense, closed face. Smooth
Footfall Usage High
Installation Bonded
Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
Commercial Warranty Details 7 year limited warranty.