Nautilus Instinct Dual Inner / Outer Thigh

Nautilus Instinct Dual Inner / Outer Thigh

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The Nautilus Instinct Dual Inner / Outer Thigh is a proven and efficient way to train legs, featuring the brilliantly simple Lock N Load® weight selection system.

Proven. Smart. Effective. The Nautilus Instinct Strength line is all business. Whether you're an experienced user or a complete beginner, the Instinct range offers a quick, straightforward and easy access workout. This range is ideally suited to being a basic strength offering and complements more specialist lines well. For the ultimate flexibility, there's single and dual use machines in this range to make the most of even the most compact spaces. All of the Nautilus Instinct range feature the brilliantly simple Lock N Load® weight selection system for the ultimate user friendly experience. There's also ratchet adjustments on all of the moving pads for a quick and easy set-up. Finally, the machines are all fitted with a Kevlar belt transmission system for the added durability and reduced servicing requirements.


  • Length: 1450mm / 57in
  • Width: 690mm / 27in
  • Height: 1400mm / 55in
  • Product Weight: 226kg / 498lb
  • Weight Stack: 68kg / 150lb with Lock N Load® Selection


  • Simple, intuitive placard
  • Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life
  • Walk-through entry design
  • Weight stack located in front of user for added privacy
  • Swiveling thigh pads and range of motion control allow for dual exercises: Abductor and Adductor
  • Rubber feet for floor protection
  • Kevlar transmission belt for extended life and easy replacement
  • Featuring the patented Lock N Load® weight selection system