MYO Strength Olympic EZ Curl Bar

MYO Strength Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Myo Strength
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One of the best ways to increase upper arm strength and definition, is with the MYO Strength EZ curl bar. This bar is great for isolating and intensifying development of bicep and forearm muscles. Specifically angled to eliminate stress on the wrists and elbows.


  • Length: 3.94 (ft) / 1.2 (m)
  • Loadable sleeve length: 180 (mm)
  • Weight: 10 (kg)
  • Grip diameter: 28 (mm)
  • Bar Width: 55 (mm)
  • Material: Spring Steel
  • Coating: Hard Chrome
  • Maximum Load: 700 (lbs)


  • Product: 1 year