Impulse Lat Pulldown

Impulse Lat Pulldown

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The Impulse Lat Pulldown machine is one of the most popular training pieces of equipment in gyms today. This bit of equipment is so popular as it allows users to effectively target their back muscles for strength and size. The curved handles allows users to choose from a variety grip positions at setup to target different muscle groups. The plate loading design means users can easily tweak resistance levels, providing more control over workouts and the ability to progressively overload muscles with ease.

To perform back exercises correctly you need a lat pulldown machine which supports perfect form. The lock in knee pad, PCV, and leather material provides a non-slip feature which keeps users comfortably locked in during exercise, allowing precise workouts to occur.

The machine itself has a sturdy and durable design with anti-slip pads which prevents floor damage and free weight storage can be found on the machine making weight change mid workout hassle free.

The curved handles allow for a range of lat pulldown exercises to be performed including single arm lat pulldowns, reverse grip lat pulldowns and standard lat pulldowns. The machine has minimal floor space requirements, so is a great space saving solution making it perfect for personal trainer gyms or home studio gym setups.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seating/knee lock to keep users secure during workouts
  • Storage weight pegs to hold free weights
  • Rounded handles to allow users to target different areas across back muscles
  • Rubber pads on machine ends to protect flooring from
Weight 0
Weight Plate Storage Pegs 100kg per weight peg (200kg total)
Maximum User Weight 150kg
Warranty Type Commercial Warranty
Commercial Warranty Details
  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Moving parts and bearings – 2 years
  • Cables/springs/linear bearings – 12 months
  • Upholstery and handles – 6 months
Condition New