Belt Squat

Belt Squat

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The benefits to using a belt squat are huge when it comes to overall leg development. It is great for keeping constant tension on your legs and limiting injuries when compared to regular squats. 

  • Includes a belt with chains and caribeners to hook into.
  • Height and depth where the belt hooks onto can be adjusted.
  • Made from 60 x 60mm, 3mm thick steel and has a black powder coating.
  • DIMS
  • Length - 1916mm
  • Depth - 901mm
  • Height - 1060mm

Other exercises that can be done with this belt squat are:

  • Lunges
  • • Bent over rows (wide and narrow)
  • • Chain Saw pulls
  • • Calf raises (use a stepper on top of the platform to elevate the toes)
  • • Reverse hip thrusters