York Barbell STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine

York Barbell STS Power Front Squat / Hack Squat Machine

York Barbell
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York Barbell have combined the 2 classic weight training exercises (Front Squat and Hack Squat) into one easy to use machine.

The BT Front Squat machine has a near natural (free bar) movement, this thanks to the shaped shoulder pads and the off centre mounted bronze bushed pivot

The 89.6cm (L) x 68.5cm (W) and 3mm thick, non-skid, two position adjustable foot plate, allows multiple foot positioning to be made on the plate and improve the depth at which the user can squat to. This can help to place a greater emphasis on a certain muscle group within the leg and less strain on the associated joints

An easy accessible release handle is positioned above the right shoulder (Hack Squat) and the left shoulder (Front Squat). The release mechanism disengages from the location cup allowing a full depth squat. There is also a secondary stop positioned below the mechanism. This eliminates the chance of a “too deep” squat occurring

4 x large weight storage pegs can accommodate a large selection of plates from 1.25 - 25 kg plates

2 x extra long weight loading pegs are attached close to the contact frame. This ensures the weight loaded is “true” and is not reduced as it’s nearer the pivot point

Made from 52mm x 76mm 11 gauge steel for serious strength and reliability.



  • L x W x H (CM): 200 x 132 x 162.6 

User Loads

  • Max User Weight 135 KG
  • Max Lifting Weight 200 KG