York Barbell STS Counter Balanced Smith Machine

York Barbell STS Counter Balanced Smith Machine

York Barbell
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The York Barbell STS Counter Balanced Smith Machine delivers a safe strength training solution for commercial gyms, school weight rooms and hotel fitness centres.

The heavy-duty smith machine is constructed from heavy 11 gauge tube steel that provides plenty of stability when performing heavy bench presses, squats or shrugs.

The steel frame is finished in a durable powder coating 

A smith machine is a great way to change up your facility workout options as an alternative to your free weights sections. Great option for performing all your mass and strength building exercises including chest presses, squats, shoulder shrugs, lat rows and more.

The weight bar is angled by 5 degrees ensuring a more natural motion which follows the proper free weight path of movement for pressing or squatting. 

The bar is counter weighted making lower resistance strength training easier to manage. The machine features linear bearings on 1 1/2” case hardened shafts to  ensure a smooth operation compared to lighter weight alternative that use bushing bearing.

Weight storage pegs keep weight plates within easy reach and are especially useful when training with a partner or performing drop sets. The York Barbell Smith Machine also features a walk through design that allows easy mobility for any adjustable weight bench to be used removing any possible trip hazards.


  • L x W x H (CM): 219 x 102.2 x 232.4