PGS 15mm Stone EPDM Rubber Tile

PGS 15mm Stone EPDM Rubber Tile

Perfect Gym Flooring
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1m x 1m tiles available in 15mm. Manufactured using a recycled rubber granule base and finished with an extremely durable rubber roll surface with 80% EPDM granule surface. 

80% EPDM surface offers a non-fade, easy clean surface with subtle colour changes to step away from the standard black tile. 

The rubber roll surface offers a less porous surface meaning less dirt and dust gathers on the tiles. It also makes cleaning and maintaining the tiles slightly easier.

These tiles should not be confused with granule tiles that have speckles mixed into the surface. 


  • Thicknesses: 15mm

  • Width & length: 15x1000x1000 mm

  • Tolerances: Length and width ± 1.5%, thickness ± 2mm

  • Colours: Charcoal (dark grey)

  • Bulk density top layer: Approx. 1.400 kg/m3 

  • Bulk density sublayer: Approx.  1.000 kg/m3 

  • Shock absorption: 60%               

  • Vertical deformation: 5.0mm